Tsugite Collection

Our Tsugite collection features dining tables showcasing Japanese joinery

Tsugite, in Japanese, means joinery. Our Tsugite collection features dining tables showcasing beautiful joinery. Satoshi utilizes his joinery techniques for this series, at times for the table base and other times on the table top. In this series, the table top may be built from a single slab or two slabs joint in the middle with bow ties. Here are some examples of our tables in the Tsugite Collection. We hope you enjoy looking at Satoshi’s high quality craftsmanship.


Bookmatched walnut slab table, with butterfly joints

A bespoke book matched Oregon walnut slab dining table featuring butterfly joints and showcasing beautiful Japanese joinery. The table top is made of bookmatched Oregon walnut slabs and the butterflies are made of ebony. The base is inspired by furniture maker, George Nakashima’s Conoid Table.


Japanese joinery table
This table features eight traditional mortise and tenon joints. It is made entirely of solid sapele wood. Two edges have been sculpted in the live edge style. We designed this table with the hope that the design and finish conjure a calm sensation rooted in Japanese craftsmanship.


George Nakashima style dining table
Made of all solid walnut wood and stained to a smokey charcoal grey finish


Koa slab dining table

This is a one of a kind koa slab dining table. Featuring rounded leg posts and the subtle arch, the table base was designed with elegance. The arch and wedge help create an extremely durable table structure. The natural live edges were kept as is, for its beauty.