Interview with Satoshi and Marcia

There is a selection of questions and answers from a recent interview with Satoshi and Marcia. It may be of particular interest to those looking to start a creative business. Hope you enjoy the dialogue!   Interviewer: How did you come to found Satoshi Yamauchi Woodworks? Satoshi: My wife and I founded the company in 2012, shortly after we moved to Hawaii from Japan. I have always wanted to own my company building custom furniture.…

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Wood tables

Wood slabs are wood material in its rawest form. With its raw form, comes a beauty that other material choices cannot match. Our wood tables provide a great place for meals, gatherings and even meetings. Its one of a kind nature and captivating grain and textures will sure to impress your guests. Our tables shows the quality of a wood material that will last for years to come. Making a wood table involves a number of processes. First,…

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Solid wood high chair in Hawaii, custom-made

For your dearest children….. We are proud to annouce that this custom high chair is our latest creation. Made of mahogany and white oak, this solid wood high chair is a perfect addition to your home especially if you are into that warm feel solid wood furnitures give. The customer on Oahu, Hawaii, who ordered this particular high chair was a dedicated mother with a passion in Montessori education. Thus the choice of solid wood…

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