slab desk

Koa slab table

We made a couple of koa slab table tops to be used as desks. These will be shipped from Hawaii over to Oregon. These twin koa slabs are from the Big Island and showcase beautiful grain. The stress curls are truly amazing, starting right around where the trunk branches off. The voids of this table top was resin filled to provide a smooth surface making it suitable as a desk. The surfaces have been coated…

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Monkeypod slab desk with metal legs

Here’s a desk we made a couple of months ago. We glued up two Oahu North Shore monkeypod slabs and matched them with black steel  legs. One long side of the top features a nice curvy edge and the other end of the desk top was cut straight to allow it to be placed snug to the wall.  

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Slab table with steel legs

Here is our latest creation; a locally grown monkeypod slab with steel legs. This table will be making its way to the owner, who resides all the way in Belgium! The monkeypod top has been finished in gloss lacquer. The edges are kept as natural as possible with plenty of character. The table legs are made of steel tubes, finished with blackened patina and clear coated. The back of the table has been heat-stamped with…

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