Monkeypod bar counter

Here is a great example of a monkeypod bar counter. All the monkey pod wood we utilize has been salvaged right here in Hawaii, making it an extremely sustainable woodworking project. The wavy bar counter is very elegant and gives the cafe a warm and special feel. We left the yellow/white sapwood to provide a more natural look. The coffee tables you see in the last photo has been made from the same monkeypod tree,…

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We love working with koa and monkeypod wood!

At Satoshi Yamauchi, we love working with koa, mango, and monkeypod wood! We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the characteristics of each lumber. Koa Koa trees are found on the Hawaiian Islands, growing in moist soils near sea level up to the top of mountains. Often available with wavy and curly grains, it is a moderately coarse lumber. Its colour ranges from pale or golden brown to a deep chocolate brown color, but…

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