koa wood

Hawaiian Koa Slab Table

This exquisite Hawaiian koa slab table is made from 100% Big Island koa wood. The widest part of the table top measures 44″, narrowing down to 33″ on the opposite end. This wide koa slab is an extremely rare find. The base is inspired by the historically relevant George Nakashima’s table. The rounded leg posts and the arch make this table elegant. The arch helps create a durable structure, making it an extremely stable table. Photos…

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Koa slab dining table

This koa slab dining table was a very special project for us. The project started off by flying into the Big Island with our customers to choose a slab. We were astonished to find a beautiful koa slab. One that we will probably not come across so often, maybe never. Featuring the rounded leg posts and the subtle arch, the table base was designed with elegance. The arch and wedge help create an extremely durable…

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