New tsugite collection dining table

This Tsugite Collection table features eight traditional mortise and tenon joints. No screws were used on the joinery. We designed this table with the hope that the design and finish conjure a calm sensation rooted in Japanese craftsmanship. This is a bar height table (H37″) and is made entirely of solid sapele wood. Two edges of the table top have been sculpted in the live edge style.  Finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer. No stain applied.…

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George Nakashima tribute tables

Satoshi Yamauchi recently made a couple of George Nakashima tribute dining tables. Both of these tables are made of walnut wood. These were handcrafted right here in Honolulu, Hawaii. In this article we are covering our handcrafted dining table with two posts on each end of the table (the table in the right picture). For details of the table on the left picture, click here to see more information on this dining table. This is…

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Short video of Satoshi in the shop

We uploaded a video of Satoshi working in the shop, making a white oak bench. This custom made bench has a waterfall effect, in that the grain is continuous from the bottom of the leg to the other end of the leg. Same goes for the matching oak table he made for the very same client. Enjoy the video!  

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