coffee table

Koa slab and resin coffee table

This koa slab coffee table was matched with a glass-like resin leg to give it a unique design. The big island koa slab measures nearly 4 feet at its widest point and 72″ long. One end of the coffee table is a waterfall leg showing off its continuous wood grain…

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Koa slab table

We made a couple of koa slab table tops to be used as desks. These will be shipped from Hawaii over to Oregon. These twin koa slabs are from the Big Island and showcase beautiful grain. The stress curls are truly amazing, starting right around where the trunk branches off.…

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Hawaiian Monkeypod Coffee Table

This coffee table was inspired by modern Italian design. It features Hawaiian monkeypod wood table top with natural curves, sitting on a stainless steel flat bar base. It measures L36″ x W36″ x H16″. The monkeypod was salvaged from the north shore area on Oahu. Two long edges have been…

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