Pros and Cons of Metal Legs

Metal tables can be used as part of a wood furniture designed for a modern and stylish living space. We feel it is beneficial to provide you the details of what to expect from metal legs. By understanding the pros and cons, you will be able to decide whether a table with metal legs (or metal base) will work for you.

Durability of metal legs

Metals such as stainless steel or steel are more durable than wood. A design that is impossible wood, it is likely that metal will provide the possibility. Room for fun designs whilst maintaining its durability.

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Metal legs that are powder coated or lacquered over, are easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a wipe down with a cloth dampened with water. Metal remains unaffected by termites too. Also, if you wish to change the color at a later stage, you can have the legs sandblasted and recoated with a different color.

Reclaimed wood table and bench with metal legs


You may sustain scratched or dings to your metal legs. Such damange will require a repair work by a spcecialist. Also, the repair work is likely to require a refinish/powder coat.

Metal legs for a wood top dining table


The shape and finish of metal base or legs will provide a contemporary and modern style. The metal can be powder coated in different colors or if using raw steel, a special patina can be applied. It is also easy to match to various interior decor in the same style.

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