Choosing lumber for wood furniture

Posted on 09/22/2013
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A custom wood furniture project starts from consultation and then onto the actual construction. But before building, we ourselves go do down to one of our local lumberyards for wood selection. This is an important part of the work. We want to ensure wood quality and character are there. It is as important as the building process itself. Here is a photograph from last week of Satoshi, the maker, selecting his wood.

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Luxurious mahogany side table

Posted on 09/19/2013
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This mahogany side table is very special, not only because it is a one of a kind custom made furniture but also because of its rare material – bird’s eye mahogany. With a hint of Victorian style, this is a great accent table to add to a reading room. Made right here in Hawaii. Side table custom made in Hawaii

For your dearest children….. We are proud to annouce that this custom high chair is our latest creation. Made of mahogany and white oak, this solid wood high chair is a perfect addition to your home especially if you are into that warm feel solid wood furnitures give. Solid Wood high chair This is

Shipping furniture to Hawaii

Posted on 05/10/2013
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If you are moving to Hawaii, then shipping your furniture and other belongings may one of the first steps of your move. Is it smarter to ship furniture to Hawaii or is it better to sell and re-buy on the island? Is it smart to ship furniture to Hawaii You will need to take into consideration a few things. 1. How many cubic feet of furniture are

Why import furniture into Hawaii

Posted on 05/04/2013
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Based on Oahu, Hawaii, we make top-notch furniture that will last for generations. Custom furniture for those who want the best of the best. Furniture on Oahu, Hawaii If you are new to Hawaii, you may have noticed that the range of furniture you can get here is very limited unless you import. Why not minimize the hassle as well