Chunky wood vanity

Posted on 10/14/2013
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Category: Bathroom vanity, Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii

Last week we completed a wood vanity for our customers in Pali Highway. This is a fairly long (75 inch) bathroom vanity made of white oak. Chunky bathroom vanity modern style It is an open style with a contemporary edge. Very chunky legs and modern design. Just like what you may find at the Modern Hotel in Honolulu. The vanity will be completed with stone

Solid wood vs plywood veneer debate

Posted on 10/03/2013
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Category: Custom furniture, Furniture material, Woodworking

When ordering custom home furniture with us, our customers often feel that solid wood is better over plywood. Although solid wood does have many positive attributes, we recommend not to dismiss plywood furniture altogether. Why? It is a misconception that solid wood is better than plywood. Perhaps, many people do not realize that plywood veneers are frequently used on high end furniture in luxury condos and hotels. It is our role to keep you informed

DIY Suppliers in Hawaii

Posted on 09/27/2013
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Category: Woodworking

Are you one of those handy type who love to work around the house making improvements? Here is a list of stores (not exhaustive) in Hawaii for your DIY supply. City Mill City Mill is a local business which you only see in Hawaii. They have a very good selection of tools, paint, fittings, limited lumber and plywood too. Woodcraft Hawaii This is a great store for machineries and hand tools!

Tips on choosing a bathroom vanity

Posted on 09/25/2013
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Category: Bathroom vanity, Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii

We have had customers come to us saying they are looking for the warm and lush look of real wood, which they say is hard to find at local suppliers and showroom in Hawaii. Also, choosing the right style, sink and countertop for you can be tricky! So today, we would like to provide a few tips on making choices with a bathroom vanity including pros and cons. 1) Vanity body Like any piece of

Choosing lumber for wood furniture

Posted on 09/22/2013
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Category: Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii, Woodworking

A custom wood furniture project starts from consultation and then onto the actual construction. But before building, we ourselves go do down to one of our local lumberyards for wood selection. This is an important part of the work. We want to ensure wood quality and character are there. It is as important as the building process itself. Here is a photograph from last week of Satoshi, the maker, selecting his wood.

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