Japanese chisels

Posted on 03/04/2014
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A Japanese chisel, or nomi in Japanese, consists of a hard blade, called hagane attached to a softer piece of metal called the jigane. Here’s a collection of Satoshi’s chisels. Japanese chisel or nomi All of Satoshi’s chisels are “set up” by himself. This process is called shikomi. The metal ring attached to the handle is removed and then the wood handle is filed to

Wood metal dining table in Hawaii

Posted on 02/27/2014
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Wood and metal dining table, our latest creation here in Hawaii. Oak and aluminum metal dining table, handcrafted in Kaneohe, Hawaii This dining table features oak table top with aluminum leg frame, boasting an industrial contemporary look.           We make all types of wood and metal dining tables including these examples. metal base with monkeypod</img srcset=

How much space to allow around a dining room table

Posted on 02/23/2014
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When considering the size of a dining table, whether it is round, rectangular or square, one thing is certain: space is needed for entering and exiting seats. Although the size of the area/room most probably dictates the size of the dining table the space can accommodate, it is important to consider the amount of space required

Commercial woodwork hawaii

Posted on 02/22/2014
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Category: Cafe, Commercial woodwork, Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii, Restaurant, Woodworking

Commercial woodwork is part of what we do here at Satoshi Yamauchi woodworks. Here is an example of our past work. Fitted shelving units, tables and chairs in a restaurant / cafe. For commercial woodwork on Oahu, Hawaii, please contact 808-354-3850 for more information or email Thank you for visiting our website.

Window display, display cabinets, display tables

Posted on 02/20/2014
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Category: Commercial woodwork, Display cabinets, Display units, Hawaii

Window display, display cabinets, display tables especially designed for stores, are part of what we provide to our customers on Oahu, Hawaii. Window display cabinets and racks in hawaii We are currently working on a range of interior woodwork for a new surf store in the Ala Moana area in Honolulu (Hawaii). The commissioned woodwork includes window display, surf board display cabinets, tables