Satoshi Yamauchi furniture maker based in Honolulu Hawaii

Satoshi Yamauchi

Posted on 02/19/2019
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Satoshi Yamauchi furniture maker based in Honolulu Hawaii Satoshi Yamauchi is originally from Japan. Satoshi is a furniture maker based in Honolulu, Hawaii with over 15 years of woodworking experience. He is a passionate and meticulous artisan whose state-of-the-art furniture is one of the finest on the island.     Satoshi yamauchi, maker of koa slab dining table  

Monkeypod slab desk

This is our latest live edge monkeypod slab desk. We decided to go with stainless hairpin legs to allow the monkeypod slab to be main character of this furniture. The three legged stainless legs make this a unique piece of office and study desk. The monkeypod was reclaimed over in the north shore of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. Handcrafted carefully by Satoshi Yamauchi. We hope that this handcrafted desk allows its new owner

Slab table made in honolulu

A bookmatched walnut slab dining table featuring ebony butterfly joints. This table showcases beautiful Japanese joinery on the table top as well as the base. The table top is made of bookmatched claro walnut slabs from the state of Oregon. The base design was inspired by the famous George Nakashima’s Conoid Table. Measuring at L72″ W40″ H29-1/2″, it seats 4 to 6 people. It may be hard to see from the photos but these are

Furniture maker, satoshi yamauchi, sitting at koa slab desk

Koa slab table

Posted on 01/13/2019
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We made a couple of koa slab table tops to be used as desks. These will be shipped from Hawaii over to Oregon. These twin koa slabs are from the Big Island and showcase beautiful grain. The stress curls are truly amazing, starting right around where the trunk branches off. The voids of this table top was resin filled to provide a smooth surface making it suitable as a desk. The surfaces have been coated

Koa console entry table

This koa slab entry table is Satoshi’s latest creation. The table was designed to have a shrine-esque feel. Made of koa and monkeypod wood, both Hawaii-grown. Live edges being on the sides, makes this entry table truly unique. Inspired by Japanese joinery, we hope this table adds class to a Hawaiiana home. Koa entry table featuring Japanese joinery Koa entry</img srcset=