Satoshi Yamauchi furniture maker based in Honolulu Hawaii

Satoshi Yamauchi

Posted on 10/18/2018
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Satoshi Yamauchi furniture maker based in Honolulu Hawaii Satoshi Yamauchi is originally from Japan. Satoshi is a furniture maker based in Honolulu, Hawaii with over 15 years of woodworking experience. He is a passionate and meticulous artisan whose state-of-the-art furniture is one of the finest on the island.     Satoshi yamauchi, maker of koa slab dining table  

Honolulu made vanity

This is our custom monkeypod vanity built for a home in Diamond Head. It is an open style vanity made of local hawaiian monkyepod wood. The continuous grain running across horizontally catches the viewer’s attention. The countertop is also made of monkeypod wood. The entire vanity has been coated with a few coats of clear conversion varnish for superior protection. We were excited to be using this sleek Toto vessel sink. Very clean lines and

Walnut slab dining table handcrafted in Honolulu Hawaii by Satoshi Yamauchi. George Nakashima Style Dining Table

A bookmatched walnut slab dining table featuring ebony butterfly joints. This table showcases beautiful Japanese joinery on the table top as well as the base. The table top is made of bookmatched claro walnut slabs from the state of Oregon. The base design was inspired by the famous George Nakashima’s Conoid Table. Measuring at L72″ W40″ H29-1/2″, it seats 4 to 6 people. It may be hard to see from the photos but these are

Custom display cabinet

This display cabinet was made of walnut wood and tempered glass. The cabinet has four frameless glass doors and the two other sides are covered in glass panels, making it possible to see the artwork inside from all angles, even at the bottom of the staircase. The shelves are height adjustable allowing for a flexible use of the display cabinet.

Koa Slab Dining Table

This exquisite Hawaiian koa slab table is made from 100% Big Island koa wood. The widest part of the table top measures 44″, narrowing down to 33″ on the opposite end. This wide koa slab is an extremely rare find. The base is inspired by the historically relevant George Nakashima’s table. The rounded leg posts and the arch make this table elegant. The arch helps create a durable structure, making it an extremely stable table. Photos