Monkeypod slab counters

Here is a pair of monkeypod slab counters we custom built for an office in downtown Honolulu. These monkeypod slabs showcase beautiful ribbon grains and live edge. The long counter measured just over 10 feet and the smaller counter a little over 3 feet at a thickness of 1-3/4″. Like all of our monkeypod furniture, these monkeypod were milled from locally grown Hawaiian monkeypod trees. Both counters from the very same log for matching colors and grain. Finished with satin clear coat lacquer for added durability.


Live edge counters made with hawaiian monkeypod wood

Monkeypod reception desk for a honolulu office

Monkeypod slab with beautiful grain and sap wood

Honolulu made custom wood counter

monkeypod slab counters

Live edge counters made of local wood in honolulu

Custom woodwork for an office in downtown Honolulu

Monkeypod slab countertop with beautiful grain and sap wood

We offer custom woodwork for offices