Monkeypod bar counter

Here is a great example of a monkeypod bar counter. All the monkey pod wood we utilize has been salvaged right here in Hawaii, making it an extremely sustainable woodworking project. The wavy bar counter is very elegant and gives the cafe a warm and special feel. We left the yellow/white sapwood to provide a more natural look. The coffee tables you see in the last photo has been made from the same monkeypod tree, also salvaged on the island. All of our monkeypod projects are made here in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you’re looking to go local, it cannot go more local than this. Call our designer/estimator Marcia on 808-354-3850 for advice and estimate.

You will find another example of a monkey pod kitchen bar counter here.


custom monkeypod counter in honolulu

monkeypod bar counter custom made in honolulu hawaii

monkeypod coffee tables