We love working with koa and monkeypod wood!

At Satoshi Yamauchi, we love working with koa, mango, and monkeypod wood!
We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the characteristics of each lumber.


Koa trees are found on the Hawaiian Islands, growing in moist soils near sea level up to the top of mountains. Often available with wavy and curly grains, it is a moderately coarse lumber. Its colour ranges from pale or golden brown to a deep chocolate brown color, but the most common color is reddish brown. Clearly demarcated from the heartwood, the sapwood is also beautiful and it often comes in yellow-ish pale brown.

Furniture made from Koa Monkeypod Hawaiian wood

Monkeypod, Hawaiian wood


Monkeypod trees are found in South East Asian countries, Central America, Latin America, and in the Oceania region incliuding the Hawaiian Islands. The heartwood of monkeypod trees is usually golden-brown to dark brown in color. The texture is coarse like koa wood. The wide sapwood is a beautiful cream color. We like making the most out of the combination of Monkeypod sapwood and heartwood (we love just the way monkeypod trees are!), when used in large areas such as desktops, countertop surfaces, and dining tables. By the way, did you know that monkeypod trees contain gum?


Mango trees are most often found in South East Asian countries as well as on the Hawaiian Islands. The texture of mango lumber is somewhat fine compared to koa wood. The heartwood is often curly and wavy and comes in dark brown, with alternating bands of light and dark grains. Knots are often present in the wood which gives the lumber more character.