Satoshi Yamauchi, Furniture Maker in Honolulu

Satoshi Yamauchi furniture maker based in Honolulu Hawaii. He makes custom tables, natural edge slab table, dining tables, coffee tables, beds, night stands and more.

Satoshi Yamauchi is a furniture maker based in Honolulu, Hawaii with over 18 years of woodworking experience. Satoshi, originally from Japan, is a passionate and meticulous artisan whose state-of-the-art furniture is one of the finest on the island. He makes custom dining tables, coffee tables, custom natural edge slab tables, slab tables, bookcases, beds and more.

Satosih’s focus and love of the craft is reflected in every aspect of his creations, from the joints to the finishes. Satoshi’s approach to woodworking is about achieving a good balance of aesthetics, function, and durability. He strives to perfect each stage of the construction, by practicing discipline.

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