Custom monkeypod vanity

This is our custom monkeypod vanity built for a home in Diamond Head. It is an open style vanity made of local hawaiian monkyepod wood. The continuous grain running across horizontally catches the viewer’s attention. The countertop is also made of monkeypod wood. The entire vanity has been coated with a few coats of clear conversion varnish for superior protection. We were excited to be using this sleek Toto vessel sink. Very clean lines and minimal, balancing well with the vanity. The slatted shelf gives this vanity a plantation feel, fitting right in with this ocean front Hawaiian property. The center two drawers are faux drawers (made to look like drawers) but are indeed simple panels. The panels can be taken out to work on the sink/plumbing if needed.

Custom vanity made of monkeypod

hawaiian monkeypod vanity made in honolulu

Open style vanity with vessel sink

Details of Continuous wood grain

monkeypod furniture in the bathroom

open style vanity

High quality craftmanship

hawaiian monkeypod vanity made in honolulu

Honolulu made vanity