Commitment to excellence

Honesty and transparency
Our commitment is to be honest, transparent and informative. We have a personal obligation to each individual customer and companies. We are committed to our clients so they can make the best choice. We are always honest with our clients and sell our products at a fair honest price. We like to inform our clients of the pros and cons of certain material and woodworking processes.

Product Quality
Satoshi Yamauchi Woodworks is dedicated to the manufacture of furniture, architectural and other interior woodwork that meet both our own and our customers’ quality standards. We implement extensive quality control and testing procedures.

We are committed to our customers in that we will deliver our work in a timely manner. We also believe we are responsible to our clients to provide timely access to our knowledge and expertise.

Strict adherence to established laws and regulations
We respect and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the U.S. and other countries, and the states, counties, cities and other jurisdictions, in which the Company conducts business

Honouring the Hawaiian Environment
At Satoshi Yamauchi Woodworks, in conducting our businessis, we are committed to the protection of the environment here in Hawaii. we operate equipment and perform processes according to documented Standard Operating Procedures to minimize the impact on the environment. We follow governmental environmental rules and laws on storing, transporting, using and disposing of hazardous materials and wastes. Always finding improvement to minimize or eliminate wastes or the use of hazardous materials.

Protect Confidential Information
Information such as personal records is kept strictly confidential in our company. We will not disclose confidential information to anyone outside Satoshi Yamauchi Woodworks unless the disclosure is necessary to further complete a project. We will not use confidential information for anything other than our woodworking business.

Keep and provide accurate records.
We have a commitment to our clients to maintain and furnish reliable information in a timely manner.

Code of ethics

Provide high-quality woodwork at a fair price.
Keep to deadlines.
Give the customer a price estimate for the work.
Use only proven high-quality supplies.
Employ the best skilled craftsman obtainable.
Furnish an itemized invoice.
Recommend maintenance services.
Obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer.
Follow state and federal regulations.

Thank you for considering Satoshi Yamauchi Woodworks for your next custom furniture and cabinet projects.

marcia and satoshi are the team behind satoshi yamauchi woodworks in honolulu