Tips on taking care of solid wood tables

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Taking care of solid wood tablesA bit of effort is required in taking care of solid wood tables. They don’t behave like plastic! Trees are living creatures – it is only natural that solid wood tables respond to changes in temperature and humidity by swelling and shrinking. Whilst taking care of your wooden table may take extra attention, if you take good care, it will give you a lifetime of service and beauty, passing it down over generations.


Here are some preventative tips in taking care of your solid wood table:

  • Place your table in a temperature-stable area, out of direct sunlight. It is important to avoid temperature swings (i.e. air conditioning unit, fireplace etc) as they could damage the wood with splitting.
  • Place your table preferably in humidity-controlled area. Low humidity causes cracks in the wood and high humidity can cause swelling of the wood.
  • Whenever you have a drink (hot or cold!) on your table, use coasters with non-scratching surface to avoid scratch marks as well as watermarks.
  • It is also a good idea to use padding under all sharp objects or make use of tablemats.

Find out what kind of finish you have when you purchase new a peice of furniture. There is a range of wood finish types today, from natural oil, wax, soap finish, all the way to lacquer and polyurethane. For instance, oil finishes offer very little protection against almost any element (scratch, spill, etc) but can be maintained relatively easily by giving it a fresh coat of oil on the surface (always consult the furniture maker for advice).