Shipping furniture to Hawaii

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If you are moving to Hawaii, then shipping your furniture and other belongings may one of the first steps of your move. Is it smarter to ship furniture to Hawaii or is it better to sell and re-buy on the island?

Is it smart to ship furniture to Hawaii

You will need to take into consideration a few things.

1. How many cubic feet of furniture are you intending to ship.

2. The value of your furniture, and the cost to replace it in Hawaii.

3. Will the furniture fit your new place?

4. Is your new place in Hawaii big enough to accommodate your furniture?

5. What is the material of your furniture?

Points 3 to 5 may be especially relevant. It is common that furniture do not fit the condo/house entrance. Also in Hawaii, we tend to let wind through our houses as it can get hot and humid. The trade-wind brings salt so any metal work is subject to rust — something to bear in mind if your furniture has metal parts.