Koa plates

Posted on 12/17/2013
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Here is an example of our koa plates. These plates can be used as a cheese plate, sushi plate, or a tray for cup/glass and snacks. Modern, contemporary, sharp design. Carefully made one by one in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Solid wood. Reclaimed wood. Size: 6″ x 11″ (15.52cm x 28cm)   Koa plates buy shop online Koa cheese plates</img srcset=

Custom wood bookcases in espresso

Posted on 12/15/2013
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Category: Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii

This is one of our recent custom woodwork. Custom wood bookcases made to order for our lovely customer in Mililani, Hawaii (Oahu). These bookcases were stained in espresso dark brown to match the current decor of the house. Custom furniture in hawaii Aside from custom furniture, we also build kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, rustic wood walls, paneled wood walls too.

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Open style bathroom vanity

Posted on 12/02/2013
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Category: Bathroom vanity, Custom furniture, Furniture in Hawaii, Woodworking

This is our recent custom made bathroom vanity project for a client near Pali Hwy. It features an open style design with a modern look in great contrast to the Victorian classic style of the bathroom. This vanity is made of solid oak wood. Custom woodwork in Hawaii, this is a custom made bathroom vanity Modern</img srcset=

Choosing the right wood for furniture

Posted on 11/02/2013
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Do you ever wonder how makers of furniture choose their wood? Well there is always a reason behind a choice of wood. Almost any type of wood can be used for furniture, but some wood are more suitable for furniture making than others, based on strength, durability, availability, and cost. Wood such as oak, walnut, ash, or maple are all medium to high durability, strength and stability. Furniture made of these wood will easily fit

Looking to remodel your kitchen in your home in Hawaii? Don’t you think there are just so many kitchen cabinet choices? Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the amount of cabinet choices out there. Today we are here to help you make the right choice! Some more affordable, cheaper options than others. Here are a few options to consider: 1) Freshen up the look of your kitchen * Refinish the existing kitchen If you have solid