Monkeypod tables and countertops

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We make a number of custom furnitures out of locally grown monkey pod wood. Furniture can vary from dining tables, coffee tables, bar counters, to shelves and office desk tops. Here are examples of our monkey pod furniture. All of these salvaged monkey pod have been locally sourced here on Oahu, Hawaii.

Monkey pod wood top with stainless steel bases. Complete with custom leather benches.

handmade mahogany and monkey pod wood desk

monkeypod slab table with live edge, all made in hawaii by satoshi yamauchi

Office desk with hutch, made in honolulu

White vanity with monkeypod wood countertop

custom wood shelves made in honolulu hawaii made of monkeypod

monkeypod dining table with metal legs

monkeypod wood counter made in honolulu hawaii

custom monkeypod counter in honolulu

monkeypod coffee tables


buffet tables with storage space

Monkeypod coffee table


Monkey pod coffee table with stainless steel legs