Iolani Palace Furniture

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We went on a excursion to the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii, over the weekend. We thought we’d share what we found out about Iolani Palace’s historical furniture pieces held in the palace today.

The 225 pieces of furniture in Iolani Palace was made by a company called A.H. Davenport Co. Some furniture pieces are older than 1882. However, since the overthrown of the Hawaiian monarchy, most of the furniture were sold. There are around 40 furniture pieces still missing from the collection.

Iolani Palace Wood Furniture Chairs Iolani Palace Wood Furniture Bed Frame
Iolani Palace Wood Furniture Chaise Iolani Palace Wood Furniture Stairs

The king’s bedroom features lush ebony woodwork with blue textiles. The queen’s bedroom features mahogany and red textiles. Both very tastefully decorated. The guest room furniture utilizes mostly walnut and cherry wood, less luxurious type of wood

The stairs dominating the center of the palace is made of Hawaiian koa and mahogany with some parts being decorated with walnut wood.

The style of furniture is influenced mainly by then classic British and French styles. Hawaiian influence is also seen; such as the monstera rug, the bed frame having poi (a Hawaiian root vegetable) decors as part of the molding design.

Since Hawaii had been very close to countries such as France and Britain, we saw a few paintings offered by the French royalty. We also saw a dessin of the Hawaiian royal family attending a British occurrence and various gifts offered by Germany, France, Britain and Russia.

We are extremely passionate about wood furniture and are as equally interested in classic furniture as modern contemporary furniture. We hope you find this entry regarding furniture within Iolani Palace in Hawaii interesting!