How much space to allow around a dining room table

When considering the size of a dining table, whether it is round, rectangular or square, one thing is certain: space is needed for entering and exiting seats. Although the size of the area/room most probably dictates the size of the dining table the space can accommodate, it is important to consider the amount of space required for guests to enter and leave the table comfortably.

We recommend around 33-36 inches between the table edge and walls or any obstructions behind the chairs. This provides enough room for guests to enter and exit their chairs comfortably. In a cramped setting, 24 inches is sufficient but this is the bear minimum we advise our customers.

In cases where guests will need to walk behind SEATED guests, 55 to 60 inches of space is necessary to allow guests to pass through comfortably. Chair size is another thing to consider – if you have bulky large chairs, more room is necessary than advised above.