Dining tables


Wood slabs are wood material in its rawest form. With its raw form, comes a beauty that other choices cannot match. Combined with a subtle but strong stainless steel base, the MAHINA wood table provides a great place for meals, gatherings and even meetings. Like all of our wood tables, this slab table shows the quality of a wood material that will last for years to come. The surfaces are coated with satin varnish, to protect from any spills or stains whilst keeping the overall beauty of the wood. Rest assured, the stainless steel base can be custom designed to your liking.




The Moku dining table features a straight edge monkeypod wood top, matched with a custom built metal base. The angled, Y-shaped base, made of raw steel and finished in matte antique black, compliments the modern table top. Like all of our wood tables, the Moku wood table is completely unique because it is made of natural wood. This contemporary wood dining table makes a statement. Friends and family visiting you will be sure to stop and comment on its beauty. This table can be matched with a wood slab top.

Where to see this table:
Cake M at 808 Sheridan Street, Honolulu HI 96815




This walnut dining table is made of 4 to 5 walnut boards with the two long edges incorporating natural curves. The Pu’uwai table is matched with black powder coated steel loop bases giving it a modern kick. Walnut has a soft and warm feel, which is why it has its name “Pu’uwai”, meaning heart in the Hawaiian language. The warm wood tones will bring harmony to the dining room. Like all of our wood furniture, the surface is coated with satin varnish, to protect from any spills or stains.




Monkeypod slab table with steel legs
The Makana table is a natural form slab table. It features a locally-grown monkeypod top and blackened steel legs. Each wood slab is unique and filled with lots of character. Locall monkeypod slabs often come with defects such as checks and knots, which we tend to avoid but at times they can contribute to the unique look of a slab. When these defects are treated skillfully, the flaws add to the overall beauty. Its one of a kind nature and captivating shapes, curves and textures will sure to impress your guests.




George Nakashima style dining table
Made of all solid walnut wood and stained to a smokey charcoal grey finish




Aina means “land” in the Hawaiian language. This Aina table features a monkeypod wood top with natural live edges. The legs are also made of monkeypod wood. giving the viewer the feel of the Hawaiian land. Like all of our wood tables, the Aina table is completely unique, since it is made from natural wood. The surfaces are coated with satin varnish, to protect from any spills or stains whilst keeping the overall beauty of the wood.




Reclaimed style oak table with metal legs
Featuring reclaimed style white oak solid wood table with black metal legs



Earpod dining table and bench
Featuring steel legs and earpod slabs from the State Capital grounds



Mid century style dining table
Featuring tapered top with tapered legs, made of solid walnut wood.




Bookmatched Claro Walnut (Super Curly)
Nook Table featuring ebony butterfly joint

Punahou, Honolulu


Maple table with koa accents

Featuring curly maple and Hawaiian koa wood


White oak Dining Table with Benches
Features 45 degree miter joints and continuous grain
Ala Moana, Honolulu


Industrial style bar table with metal legs and distressed oak top
McCully, Honolulu