Distressed antique style dining table

Since in Hawaii, we do not have Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, or Crate & Barrel,
many of our customers have come to us to custom make their furniture.
Antique style distressed furniture is one style that is very popular.

Here, we are about to mill the lumber, in preparation for a distressed antique style dining table.
After milling the wood, we will dry the wood, and when dry, the construction commences!

Distressed antique table in honolulu hawaii, just like Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel or Anthropologie


The photo below shows the wood after it has been milled.
In a couple of weeks, the wood will be ready for construction and turn into an antique style dining table.

Pottery hawaii dining table
Below, the legs have been stained and finished (2nd layer) and ready for another coat.
The next step is to build the table top and metal parts!

pottery barn hawaii