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We are passionate about custom wood furniture!

There is something very special about a piece of wood furniture that has been designed and made especially for you. Satoshi Yamauchi collections are designed and developed by Satoshi himself and sometimes in collaboration with interior designers. Manufacturing of the furniture takes place in small shop space in Kakaako, Honolulu (Hawaii).

marcia and satoshi are the team behind satoshi yamauchi woodworks in honolulu
Left: Marcia     Right: Satoshi

Satoshi Yamauchi
Furniture & Cabinet Maker & Owner 

Honolulu based furniture maker Satoshi YamauchiOriginally from Japan, Satoshi Yamauchi is a furniture and
cabinet maker based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has been formally trained in furniture making in Hida, known for being a mecca for wood furniture in Japan. With Satoshi’s fine woodwork, you will find Japan quality wood furniture and cabinets right here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Satoshi is a passionate and meticulous artisan whose state-of-the-art woodwork is some of the finest on the island. His focus and love of the craft is reflected in every aspect of his creations, from the joints to the finishes.

Satoshi’s approach to woodworking is about achieving a good balance of aesthetics, function, and durability. Choice of material, structure, design, and wood finish are all part of this perfect balance.


Marcia Yumi Lise

Consultation is one of the first important steps in successful custom woodworking! Marcia guides customers through conceptual ideas and design stages in order to reach a decision with the customers. Careful consultation means evolving design ideas to real plans and finally creating custom wood furniture that is in the taste of customers. For Marcia, fully understanding customers’ preferences and needs is as important as incorporating professional knowledge and expertise.


– We are passionate and committed to wood furniture.

You can find our work at the following locations in Hawaii.



we are passionate about wood furniture

satoshi yamauchi woodworks in honolulu hawaii

Furniture made in Honolulu

Passionate about wood furniture